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Snake Canyon Of Oman 

Full Day Tour (8 Hours)

The tour starts with a spectacular drive through the magnificent Batinah coastline to Snake Canyon Of Oman. Snake Canyon Of Oman is greatly the most diverse and challenging one of the wadis. Every bend offers a unique photo opportunity. You will get the chance to jump into the crystal pools, with a deepness of six meters. The small hidden caves add fun and extra challenges to the trek. Snake Canyon Of Oman is an awesome hike, but be aware it is definitely not considered to be easy but having completed it you will feel inspired. The name ‘Snake Canyon Of Oman’ refers to the serpentine effect created by the water cutting through the mountains. Our hike will take approximately 6 hours. You have to be a good swimmer and to have hiking experiences due to the fact that we will climb and jump from boulders.

•  Highlights : Nature and adventure , kindly wear sport shoe & cotton / light dress, also you may need your towel.
•  Duration : Approx. 8 hours (from: 08:30 AM - 4:30 PM  


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