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Luxury Honeymoon 7 days


Perfect for honeymooners or couples looking for an alternative to the traditional beach holiday

We know you might be somewhat jaded after your big day, so as soon as you get to Muscat, we think you deserve a stay in a palace - Al Bustan to be precise, and it is located on the best beach in the Muscat area. Sit back, and soak up the sun and maybe opt for a spa treatment or two. There is nothing like opting for a dash of adventure on your honeymoon, and so for the next three days you will head into Oman's wonderful interior - seeing a destination that doesn't see large numbers of tourists. You will have your own private 4x4 with an Omani driver/guide throughout. You can stop when you want - just think of swimming in remote wadis or walking through isolated Arabic Villages. It is an experience you will absolutely love.

The desert adventure begins visiting the old domed mosque at Jalan Bani Bu Ali near the town of Al Kamil before exploring the depths of the Wadi Bani Khalid to clamber over giant boulders or swim in the crystal clear waters of the wadi. You can climb sand dunes and mountain tracks to discover Bedouin tending their camels. 
Whilst at Desert Nights Camp, you can watch the setting sun from the stylish Majlis or ‘meeting’ tent luxuriously furnished with low hand-carved Arabic furniture, cushions and traditional hand woven rugs. Lamps and candles are lit in preparation for nightfall.

Following the desert, the journey continues northwards into the Hajar Mountains. Your stay in the mountains is in the luxurious Alila Jabal Akhdar - from which you can wander on gentle walks through Omani villages before returning to the hotel to toast the sunset, glass in hand. 
On the way back to Muscat, we suggest you try the off-road route through Wadi Beni Awf to provide a fitting finale to the adventurious element of your honeymoon. You arrive into Muscat, and you will be able to put your feet up at Al Husn for a few nights.


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